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Passenger information

1. When a customer purchases a ticket, the transport company concludes a contract for passenger transport, assuming its responsibilities in accordance with Art. 42-48 of the Road Transport Act (Official journal 82/1999; 11/2002).

2. The transport company provides the passenger of a valid ticket and transport to the determined route.

3. The ticket price includes transportation of two suitcases with a maximum weight of 20 kg, or maximum dimensions of 100/60/30 cm, and hand luggage with small size.

4. Any additional baggage is charged according to a determined fare, extra luggage can be transported only in accordance with the capacities of the bus.

5. Each piece of baggage, including hand luggage must be accompanied by a personal identification sticker.

6. Tickets are personal and cannot be provided to third parties. Each passenger must keep their ticket until the end of the trip. The passenger must be present at the offices of the company 45 minutes prior to departure, otherwise the passenger may be considered absent and the seat may be given to another passenger.

7. Deadlines for changes and cancellations:

  • Fine to change the date – there is a fine when changing the date of the return trip ticket with an already fixed dates. Refunds are not allowed at reduced price tickets. Attention! Change of the travel date can only be done from the ticket office, where the ticket was purchased.
  • Any request for change may be accepted 48 hours prior to departure and is charged 10 euros.
  • No fines are imposed up to 30 minutes after issuing the ticket,  cancellation of the ticket is charged € 10
  • If a ticket is returned 48 hours prior to departure, 20% of the ticket price will be charged.
  • If a ticket is returned between 48 and 24 hours prior to departure, 50% of the ticket price will be charged.
  • If a request for cancellation is made within less than 24 hours prior to departure – the total value of the ticket is not refunded, that is valid in cases of lost or stolen tickets, too.

8. The transport company is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets, and such tickets are not refundable.

9. Return tickets are valid for 180 days from the date of the first trip. Tickets with no fixed dates are subject to certification in the offices of the transport company or its partners abroad at least five days prior to departure. Confirmation of the date of travel is recommended, especially in case of a longer period between the date of the first trip and the second trip (the return trip). Tickets with no indicated dates for return trip are accepted and processed only if vacancies are available in the bus.

10. In case of changing the fixed date for travel, an amount set out according to the fare shall be charged.

11. When changing the destination, the difference to the current price and a charge shall be paid according to the determined fare.

12. Any passenger who purchases a ticket is insured for the period of the travel for risk “Accident”. If a greater insurance coverage is desired, passengers may enter into a separate private insurance contract of their choice.

13. The transport company is not responsible for disrupted travels by the authorities due to disorders connected with passports, visas and customs disorders of passengers, which are entirely their own responsibility, as well as insurances for risks “Life” and “Medical expenses”.

14. Each passenger is personally and financially liable for violations of the Schengen provisions of residence abroad. Fines are paid personally by the passenger who committed the offense.

15. Passengers are personally financially responsible for damages caused by them to the vehicle.

16. The transport company is not liable for delays due to objective reasons or in case of “force majeure” as well as for lost or stolen luggage before checking in the bus and after luggage receiving at arrival.

17. In case of a cancelled travel for which the transport company is responsible, only the value of the unfulfilled part of the trip shall be refunded.

18. No shipment of pets and the following types of goods is allowed: televisions, bicycles, washing machines and other household appliances. Goods of commercial nature, which may be subject to customs clearance, are not transported either.

19. Exceptions are made for small animals fitted with a muzzle and a cage (to be transported in a manner which does not disturb the other passengers) and which have the necessary health certificates. An amount corresponding to the fare for children under 12 years shall be charged. Dogs should not be greater than 9 kg. Transport of animals will take place only in the days Thursday and Tuesday.

20. If the crossing of the border is impossible or is delayed by more than 30 minutes because of passport or customs disorders, the transport company is not obligated to continue the transportation of the passenger. The ticket to the destination is not refundable.

21. Smoking in buses while traveling is prohibited.

22. The using of the individual safety seat belts in buses during the journey is obligatory for all European countries. Fines imposed by control authorities in connection with security during the journey are borne personally by the offender.

23. The transportation company does not transport unaccompanied baggage.

24. Claims are only valid in writing and made within one month from the date of travel, accompanied by a copy of the ticket and baggage label, without which the claims are not considered valid. The transportation company is not liable and is not subject to claims for the functional status of the equipment of the bus related to travel comfort.

25. The specified arrival times in the timetables and in other information materials are approximate.

26. For the New Year and Christmas holidays the  tickets need to be purchased no later than 7 days before departure.